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Translation Global Services provides professional language translation, localisation, and interpreting services in 150 different languages for businesses, government agencies and individuals worldwide. Our professional Website Translation Services team provides a network of over 2,000 language professionals and over twenty years combined experience in the language services industry. As your Website Translation Services partner, our team is dedicated to building relationships and delivering high-quality professional translation services.


Translation Global Services is dedicated to providing you high quality professional translation services at excellent prices.  We have been trusted by some of the world's most recognized brands across the globe, to translate their messages consistently in more than 150 languages and around 200 different language pairs. With years of experience in the translation Industry, we've grown to becoming a market leader in the translation sector. We at Translation Global Services are your one stop for all your translation and multilingual needs.

"Translation Global Services" is a Professional Translation Company providing all Multi-lingual solutions in over 145 languages including the popular Asian, European, African, Scandinavian and Indian languages. From regular translation to Medical, Legal, Engineering, Business, Website, Marketing, Financial and Certificate translation we've done it all.  At Translation global Services, we help you communicate effectively to achieve the desired results. To do this you need to communicate in the native language of the audience and we are experts in it. As a translation company we bridge that language and cultural barrier by providing you with accurate and reliable translations of your content.

Our team comprises of dedicated project managers, in-house translators, expert freelance linguists, translators, interpreters, proofreaders, quality assurance managers and web developers. Each of them with a solid professional background in language translation and interpreting. Our translators are native speakers to the target language and have been tested and evaluated in their subject matter expertise.

Translations Galore has offices strategically located in the USA, U.K,  Dubai and India. Such an international presence allows us to give you worldwide support 24/7. Our commitment to quality service, on-time delivery and fair pricing policy has made as one of the most trusted translation companies around.

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