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Legal Translation Services

Legal translation always requires very specialist knowledge, the wording for these types of documents should be exact and can have absolutely no mistakes whatsoever. Perfection is not a need but demand as far as legal translation goes. The emphasis on a translator cannot get bigger than this, in other words, "translators can either make or break a case". The consequences of getting a legal translation wrong, however, can be severe. It can cause huge losses to an individual or a company, and delay an already lengthy and expensive process.​

Whether you require the translation of a contract, business agreement, lease agreement, lawsuit or evidence tape, you can be assured that the translated document we return to you will be 100% correct. Our legal translators have been meticulously chosen by our quality review process and only the best have been chosen. Our legal translators include qualified lawyers, certified legal translators, and retired lawyers. You can rest assured that your legal translation services will be perfect. Our specialists not only understand legal terminology but also have a thorough understanding of the common law and civil law legal systems which are used throughout the world.

The growth in international trade has increased the demand for legal translation services. Because we use only in-country translators to work on your legal translations, they understand the local culture, have knowledge of their country's legal system and understand the meaning of the clauses used. It is why we've been trusted by some of the top legal firms across the globe to translate their documents.



Please upload a file to get started with a quote. We will respond within 24 hours or less. For urgent translation services, please give us a call instead.

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